We are planning puppies

We are planning puppies in december 2016 after:

* SASUKE GO KURUME HIROSE import from Japan / AKIHO son:
Sakurajima Tarou Go Hirosakijou Japan / AKIHO
Momiji Go Kurume Hirose Japan / AKIHO

Rekka Go Kurume Hirose Japan / AKIHO
Sena Go Kurume Hirose Japan / AKIHO

We accept reservations for puppies

Please contact us on our e-mail: @ kennel YAMAMOTO
We will answer all your questions.
The condition for reserving a puppy is the transfer of an advance.
Our puppies when they are going aboad they will have chip, passport and FCI export pedigree.
Our puppies are living not only in Poland but also in: Indonesia, France, Canada, USA, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and Russia.
We ship puppies all over the world.
We handle all the paperwork and veterinary requirements related to shipping dog.
Also we can help with the quarantine for veterinary requirements for Australia and New Zealand. Puppies can spend the entire quarantine in our kennel.


Pregnancy confirmed
Puppies will be born in the early June 2015
This is the second combination of the pair:
Senka Go Kurume Hirose and Rekka Go Kurume Hirose 100% AKIHO pedigree.

Puppies from 2014 after Rekka Go and Senka Go: